Play The Guitar The Way You’ve Always Wanted To
  • Do you want to learn to play guitar, but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you tried teaching yourself in the past, but got frustrated and gave up?
  • Do you feel like you waste time practicing guitar, since you never make any progress?
  • Do you get discouraged when you see your friends make their guitar “sing,” when you can barely string together a few chords?
  • Wouldn’t you like to start having fun with your guitar playing as soon as possible?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions,
then keep reading – I have the solution for you!

The first few months of playing is easily one of the most difficult and frustrating periods to go through as guitarist. I can relate to that discouraging feeling of having to move your arms around this clunky piece of wood, pressing your fingers on these thin metal strings, just to make an ugly squeaking sound that you don’t want to hear. I also know what it’s like to have moved past the beginner stage and still feel like there’s some invisible barrier holding back your guitar playing – you could be playing for 10 years, but it feels like you’ve been playing for 2.

Whether you’re just starting out, or are already experienced and can’t seem to take your guitar playing to the next level, the solution is to learn from an experienced and knowledgeable guitar teacher who can dissect your playing, identify the biggest obstacles holding you back, and guide you to overcoming them so that you can truly play guitar with no limitations.

“I think Ryan’s an amazing guitar teacher, he’s very good, his classes are well structured, he knows everyone has a different sort of learning style or way they like to learn, so he adapts his learning style or pattern to fit your best interests and the best way you’re going to achieve your goals.”

– Carlo C.

“But wait – can’t I just learn all of this stuff by watching YouTube videos?”

The thing is, literally anyone can upload a video to YouTube, including people who have never taught guitar before and may not even be good guitar players themselves. Thus, YouTube is flooded with millions of useless videos that will waste your time and leave you with more questions than answers. Why would you trust bunch of random people who you’ll never meet and may not even be qualified to teach you, when you could have a guitar teacher who knows exactly how to overcome the obstacles that you face?

“Okay, but all I want to do is learn some songs! Can’t I use online TAB sites?”

We all want to learn our favourite songs, but relying only on tablature actually hurts you. All it does is show you how to regurgitate whatever is written down, without teaching you how to do the required techniques involved reliably and consistently (and that’s not even considering the fact that most online tablature flat-out wrong). Even if you do manage to learn a song, you will have made no actual improvement in your guitar playing, and will be stuck right where you were before. Why would you waste your time relying on TAB, when an experienced teacher can help you build a solid foundation to learn these songs by yourself?”

“Fine, but what about all those instructional books and DVDs? Aren’t they good enough?” 

I’ve tried those too, and can say from experience that the explanations they give are lazy and incomplete. Plus, they rarely – if ever – touch on vital skills necessary for you to become a self-reliant and confident guitar player. That’s aside from the fact that whoever wrote the book or is on the DVD can’t actually see you play and give you feedback, which means you’re still left in the dark and have no idea if you’re actually doing everything correctly. So, why would you waste your time and money on useless books and DVDs when a great guitar teacher can help you do everything right the first time?

“But people learn to play guitar all the time! How hard can it be? Can’t I just teach myself?”

Look, it’s very easy for us to see a guitar player who’s already great, and forget about the time and effort they spent trying to reach their level of playing. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know. When you try teaching yourself to play guitar, all the time that should be spent practicing will instead be spent trying to figure out what you actually need to do.

On top of that, even if you do make progress, you’ll eventually hit a wall because you’ll have developed so many bad habits in your guitar playing that will stop you from getting better, and you won’t even know they’re there. Then, when you eventually do find the problems, you’ll have to spend even MORE time going back to undo the damage you’ve done to yourself, so that you can start moving forward again. So, why would you willingly put yourself through trial and error, when a knowledgeable guitar teacher can analyze your playing and show me exactly what you need to do to become great at guitar?

“Taking lessons with Ryan has helped me improve my playing in a lot of different ways, but mostly I just find that my rhythm’s better, my chords sound cleaner, and it just sounds better than it did before. It’s fun to play now, and I find that I make cool sounds with my guitar! If you’re considering taking lessons, just go for it. There’s nothing to lose and it’s lots of fun!”

– Jamie T.

Guitar Lessons Etobicoke

If you want the quickest, smoothest, and easiest route to becoming the guitar player you want to be, then there’s only one logical option for you: you need to work with a guitar teacher who will lay out a clear road map for you to reach the musical goals that you set for yourself. You need a guitar teacher who will show you how to smash through every roadblock that stands in your way, so that you can become a self-reliant guitarist and effortlessly play guitar the way you’ve always wanted to.

Hi, I’m Ryan Mueller. I get how you’re feeling about your guitar playing right now, because I’ve been there before. I’ve tried to improve my playing with each of the above methods and can safely say with experience that they’ll waste your time, take you off the path you need to be on, and will hardly – if at all – contribute to making you a better guitar player. It took me a long time to get to the level of playing that I’ve reached today, and the cold hard truth is that if I just took lessons from my teacher when I first discovered him, I would have reached this level of playing years ago, while saving countless hours of frustration.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t get aggravated to the point of throwing your guitar pick across the room. You don’t need to spend more time than necessary to reach your musical goals, and you shouldn’t have to make compromises in your guitar playing. You deserve to play guitar the way you want to, and I want to help you do that in the shortest time possible. Let me show you how.

At The Etobicoke Guitar School, You Will…
  • Build a solid foundation of essential skills for your guitar playing, so that you can confidently face any musical situation without any holes in your knowledge that would hold you back

  • Learn the skills relevant to what YOU want to do on guitar, so that you can follow the right path to your guitar playing success

  • Receive deep and concise feedback on your guitar playing, so that you can be sure that you’re always practicing everything correctly

  • Be coached and guided through every step of your learning, so that your guitar playing becomes totally reliable and consistent

  • Learn the most effective practicing methods so that you can make big progress every time you pick up your guitar

  • Overcome the biggest obstacles holding back your guitar playing, so that you can spend less time struggling, and more time having fun

  • Learn how you can easily solve your guitar playing problems yourself, so that you can never feel stuck on your way to becoming a truly capable musician

  • Play your favourite songs and develop the skills needed to learn them on your own, so that you can have loads of fun while feeling confident and self-reliant as a musician

  • Discover how you can easily start writing great songs of your own, so that you can enjoy yourself as you express yourself through your music

  • Learn how to be creative with everything you learn, so that your guitar playing sounds exciting, unique, and original

  • Learn from a guitar teacher who takes your progress as seriously as you do, so that you can be certain that you will reach every goal that you set for yourself as a guitar player

“My husband enrolled to take guitar lessons with Ryan, and after a few lessons I heard him playing and said “oh, he’s good! And it’s only a few lessons!” so I decided to take them too because I could play a little, but not really good.

Taking lessons with Ryan really helped me a lot, because I thought just knowing the major chords is enough, but there are a few more tricks that I learned from him. I never regret taking a lesson with Ryan.”

– Julie P.

“Ryan is a very good teacher! He’s a nice guy, he’s a fun teacher, you don’t feel like you’re not learning something because he teaches something new all the time. It’s not easy, you know, because there are so many grades and challenges in learning guitar, but Ryan is the type of person who will walk with you through your struggles. Whatever questions or weaknesses that you have, he will guide you along the way so that you can become a better guitar player, so I would recommend Ryan as a good teacher.”

– Ken M.

“I think that Ryan basically has patience, he knows his material, and the other thing is that he brings out what’s already in you. What Ryan kind of instills in you is a little bit of confidence, so that you can be more sure of what you’re doing. Don’t hesitate, because guess what – if you don’t do it now, I promise you this: in a year, you’ll still be a year older, but if you do take the lessons, you’ll be a year older and that much of a better guitar player.”

– Roger D.

Etobicoke Guitar School is the only guitar school in west Toronto that is part of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle; a mentorship program founded by Tom Hess geared towards helping guitar teachers get maximum results out of their students.

What Are You Waiting For?

How will you feel, knowing that you’re the type of guitar player that makes the hard stuff look easy? How will you feel, knowing that your friends and family look at you not as “just another guitar player,” but as a true musician? How will you feel, knowing that you will sound amazing every time you pick up your guitar?

Your first step to becoming that guitar player is to click the orange button below. Tell me about yourself and your guitar playing, and let’s turn you into the guitar player you’ve always wanted to be.

P.S. – Look, lots of people go through their lives without pursuing the things they really want to do. They believe they lack potential or “natural talent” and make all sorts of excuses to put something off when the truth is that they’re scared to try. They fear they’re “not good enough” when the whole point of you taking guitar lessons is so that you CAN become good enough to face any musical situation with confidence and conviction. So take that leap of faith, and let’s get started.

P.S.S. – If you’re still not convinced that this is the right decision for you, I welcome and encourage you to check out this free guide on choosing the right guitar teacher for you.