“Ryan, I feel, is a great guitar teacher. He’s really nice, and he helps you a lot with any troubles and makes sure that everything is good before adding another challenge. If they’re just starting then I’d definitely recommend it because when I started I was having a lot of troubles, but it definitely helped to have Ryan helping me with all the problems I had.”

-Cameron W.

Congratulations! I’m happy to see that you want your child to discover his/her true potential through the exciting experience of guitar lessons. It is my goal to ensure that your child not only makes big progress on the guitar, but that he/she enjoys the process and is excited about this new-found passion that they’ll take with them throughout their life.

Hi, I’m Ryan Mueller and I want to share with you some of the massive benefits that your child can have with music lessons (aside from turning into a little rockstar):

Guitar Lessons Etobicoke
7 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Guitar Lessons

"One of the things that I noticed is that before he was taking lessons, in school his motor skills for writing were not very developed and he was slow. The teacher told him he had to write more and do more writing exercises. It's obviously a kid who doesn't like writing, so that's not going to work. What we noticed is that his motility has improved basically just by playing the guitar, and it's something that he enjoys, so we actually hit the nail right on the head. He's improving at school with being able to write more neater and cleaner, and faster."

- Jorge and Julie, Sebastian's Parents 

  • Improved Academic Skills

    There’s a strong relationship between music and mathematics, particularly in how division, fractions and patterns can be connected to learning things like rhythm, beat, time signatures and scales. Aside from that, recalling songs and exercises from past lessons helps kids exercise their short-term and eventually long-term memory, which will help them in learning virtually any academic subject throughout their life.

  • Enhanced Physical Development

    Many musical instruments – especially the guitar – require vastly different movements from both hands and other limbs simultaneously, which tests and improves coordination and the ability to multitask; similar to walking while chewing gum or patting your head and rubbing your belly. This coordination will help kids in the future when they choose to pursue other activities in the future, especially anything involving physical activity like sports.

  • Refined Social Skills

    Aside from making new friends through their guitar lessons, learning in a group will help kids refine their communication and teamwork skills, as they’ll need to cooperate when playing a song together. If they don’t, one of them might speed up or slow down, or play too loud or soft. There are also many creative activities, be it writing a chord progression or a full song, that involve kids working together towards a common goal and exercising their problem solving skills.

  • Teaches Discipline, Patience And Perseverance

    While we can take the necessary steps to learn the guitar in the shortest time possible, it still requires effort and persistent to reach the goals you set for yourself. Learning this at a younger age helps kids become more patient, which will help them in many areas of their life. Not only that, but the effort it takes to make progress on the guitar helps kids learn the value of perseverance the rewards of hard work. Furthermore, kids will learn to respect each other when listening to their classmates play, being quiet yet attentive.

  • Major Boost Of Self-Confidence

    Aside from feeling good about themselves by making progress on the guitar, kids will build self confidence when giving constructive criticism by turning negative feedback into positive improvement. Kids will also become more confident when they overcome the fear of playing with/in front of other people, and when other kids make mistakes they’ll realize that no one is perfect. This confidence will help kids be more successful in other endeavors they pursue, especially when it involves them being in front of an audience.

  • Healthy Self-Expression

    A lot of musicians you’ll meet will tell you of how rewarding it can be to play and write music as a means of self-expression and as a healthy emotional outlet. This can be a great thing for kids whether they are feeling happy and motivated, or are going through a tough time in their life.

  • Exercised Creativity

    A good guitar teacher is able teach students of any age how to be creative with the things they know and have learned, and knowing that you can create something that is entirely your own is incredibly rewarding. When kids experience this, they will experience a huge boost in motivation, self-esteem, and will further realize their true potential.

"I decided to take lessons with Ryan because I just like instruments, and when I'm older I want to play a guitar. Ryan's helped me improve my playing by telling me how to play certain things like my E chord, my E Major chord, and my F chord. He's very honest, funny, and very able to help you with things you need help with."

- Sebastian M.

“Ryan’s a great teacher, really patient and can easily break concepts down so they’re easy to understand. He has a thorough technique for teaching the fundamentals of guitar in a fun and interesting way.”

 – Mike B.

Guitar Lessons Etobicoke

These 7 benefits are only the tip of the iceberg of how guitar lessons will help your child, and I want to make it my mission to ensure your child experiences each one and has lots of fun in the process.

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