Throughout my career as a teacher, I've had the pleasure of meeting many great people and helping them learn to play guitar, reach their goals and realize their potential to succeed. I invite you check out what some of them had to say about their lesson experience.

"I think Ryan’s an amazing guitar teacher, he’s very good, his classes are well structured, he knows everyone has a different sort of learning style or way they like to learn, so he adapts his learning style or pattern to fit your best interests and the best way you’re going to achieve your goals."

- Carlo C.

“Ryan, I feel, is a great guitar teacher. He’s really nice, and he helps you a lot with any troubles and makes sure that everything is good before adding another challenge. If they’re just starting then I’d definitely recommend it because when I started I was having a lot of troubles, but it definitely helped to have Ryan helping me with all the problems I had.”

- Cameron W.

“Ryan is a very good teacher! He’s a nice guy, he’s a fun teacher, you don’t feel like you’re not learning something because he teaches something new all the time. It’s not easy, you know, because there are so many grades and challenges in learning guitar, but Ryan is the type of person who will walk with you through your struggles. Whatever questions or weaknesses that you have, he will guide you along the way so that you can become a better guitar player, so I would recommend Ryan as a good teacher.”

- Ken M.

"The interesting part is that It's a combination of fun, and Ryan challenges them to play better and faster, so that's a very key combination when you get the kids to enjoy their class and at the same time, improve their skills. It's fantastic!

I think It's a good investment. I think that's one of the things where if your kid is inclined to music, it'll give them the opportunity to actually start learning the basics, and start learning how to get into playing an instrument. Ryan personalizes the instruction to the student and at the same time encourages the kids, so it's really something I would definitely recommend."

- Jorge and Julie, Sebastian's Parents

“Taking lessons with Ryan has helped me improve my playing in a lot of different ways, but mostly I just find that my rhythm’s better, my chords sound cleaner, and it just sounds better than it did before. It’s fun to play now, and I find that I make cool sounds with my guitar! If you’re considering taking lessons, just go for it. There’s nothing to lose and it’s lots of fun!”

- Jamie T.

"I decided to take lessons with Ryan because I just like instruments, and when I'm older I want to play a guitar. Ryan's helped me improve my playing by telling me how to play certain things like my E chord, my E Major chord, and my F chord. He's very honest, funny, and very able to help you with things you need help with."

- Sebastian M.

“My husband enrolled to take guitar lessons with Ryan, and after a few lessons I heard him playing and said “oh, he’s good! And it’s only a few lessons!” so I decided to take them too because I could play a little, but not really good.

Taking lessons with Ryan really helped me a lot, because I thought just knowing the major chords is enough, but there are a few more tricks that I learned from him. I never regret taking a lesson with Ryan.”

- Julie P.

"I think that Ryan basically has patience, he knows his material, and the other things is that he brings out what's already in you. What Ryan kind of instills in you is a little bit of confidence, so that you can be more sure of what you're doing. Don't hesitate, because guess what - if you don't do it, I promise you this: in a year, you'll still be a year older, but if you do take the lessons, you'll be a year older and that much of a better guitar player."

- Roger D.

"Before, I was so leery because when I saw Ryan he was so young and he said the first day that most of the time he’s into heavy metal, and here I am – I’m from the 60s and 70s, but all of a sudden when I mention some songs from that year, he was able to play it, so I said “oh this guy… he’s something else!”

When I started playing with Ryan, at the time I was not very good. I couldn’t even do the basic chords that you can really listen to, but now most of the time you can hear all those tunes now! He’s a very good teacher, this guy Ryan."

- Jun P.

"Ryan has helped me the most with my confidence, and to give me encouragement when I'm struggling, and to help me specifically to trust myself and to know that I'm getting better. There was a little time there where I really thought "you know what, I don't know if I can do this" but he helped me through it, so I think the thing that Ryan does best is not only help you specifically with the things that you struggle with as an individual, but to give you that encouragement."

- Monica H.

“Ryan is very good at helping beginner players get over the hardest part, through the hurdles of learning guitar, and he makes it easy to break it down and learn the key steps. I went from hardly being able to switch between chords to being able to do it fluidly, and learning many other techniques that I’m actually using in every day playing basis.”

- Brandon C.

"Ryan really understands the challenges that a beginner goes through, and will have the patience to get you through the initial hurdles to get you playing the guitar. He’s very encouraging along the way as well, so it helps because it’s a new skill that you’re learning, and I think that the right mindset is the most important which he helps with a lot. That’s what gave me the confidence and that’s why it worked.

At the end of the day you just want to learn to play the guitar, but when you see someone who has so much passion about it, it sets the bar for “that’s where I want to get to with it” and I think that’s something that’s very important. The skills and all, you can learn that, but you’ve got to internalize it and learn the passion for becoming a guitar player, and that’s something that Ryan brings very clearly in his lessons."    - Sid G.

“Ryan’s a great teacher, really patient and can easily break concepts down so they’re easy to understand. He has a thorough technique for teaching the fundamentals of guitar in a fun and interesting way.”

- Mike B.


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